I was first exposed to advertising at a young age when I would visit my father's print production studio in Chicago where, after I grew tired of using all the markers to draw fighter planes shooting at Godzilla, I thumbed through stacks of Communication Arts. There was just something about what I saw that looked like so much fun. Eventually, my father brought me on and I learned to “cut type” for some of Chicago’s most respected creatives and I got to see some of the best work in the industry before it hit the streets.

Eventually, I wanted to try and do some of the best work.

So, I ran off to Atlanta to attend The Portfolio Center and subsequently become an inaugural graduate of The Creative Circus as an art director.

Since then I’ve held full-time or freelance positions in Minneapolis, Denver, Virginia, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco and, of course, my beloved hometown of Chicago. I’ve been fortunate to produce work in Prague, Portland, New Zealand, New York, Australia, L.A., both ends of Canada, and even the middle of nowhere. Yes, it exists.

I've also been fortunate enough to win, as well as take part in judging, just about every award advertising has thrown up.

As tough as it can be, this industry has given me a lot, which is also what I aim to give back. As a creative and creative director I still love the constant challenge of creating as well as helping teams evolve an idea until everyone in the room is convinced it’s the best our industry will ever see. Whether an idea is executed traditionally, digitally, live, or while wearing some gadget on your face, I take great pride and care in helping it come to life through all areas of execution and post production. On occasion I even enjoy the agony of a new business pitch. Most of all I am honored to have made a countless number of friends at agencies and productions throughout my career and I intend to make a lot more before they throw me out.

I am currently freelancing based out of Chicago but own several different sized suitcases and a current passport, which makes traveling anywhere a snap. If you think I can be of help to your agency, project, pitch, or just want to know a little more about me, please don't hesitate to contact me.